Facebook Invitation

To my blog followers:

I’m spread pretty thin across the web with posting my images in several places. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to maintain this blog so, if you’re on Facebook, I invite you to subscribe to my photography¬†page. I post all of my best work there on a regular basis.


Thanks, and hope to see you there!


Rose Bud

Enjoyed a little close-up photography today with my Fuji X100S in macro mode.


Crow Poison

Happy Spring!

Nothing says spring like a rain-drenched flowering weed. Shot at exactly 5:45 PM, the official beginning of the spring equinox in Dallas, TX, USA.


Sunset at Bedford Boys Ranch

Bedford Boys Ranch
Bedford, TX, USA

Fuji X100S with Velvia film simulation

Sunset at Bedford Boys Ranch

One-eyed monster! Hide!

Just a fun shot from a while back.


American Kestrel

One from the archives. My favorite little winter raptor, the American Kestrel.



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